TUF Kit from KG Powersports

There is nothing tougher on a clutch than the tight confines of an Arena Cross race.  Racers who win have differing views on exactly what it takes to reach the podium. They do agree on one thing though; if you’re running an inferior clutch, you might as well not even start the race.

With that in mind, we present to you the KG Powersports complete race kit developed by the riders from TUF Racing. Through hours of R&D, they have selected the right combination of OEM quality friction materials, highly engineered plates, and stronger than stock springs to create their custom clutch kits that pro racers have been using for years. Now available to the public, we’ve included a gasket cover so there isn’t any time wasted on forgetting necessary parts and multiple orders.  Get it changed, get back on your bike, and get to the podium.